Yachts with a Swimming Pool in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 08th April 2021

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Yachts with a Swimming Pool in Dubai Image
Yachts with a swimming pool in Dubai are the latest trend in yacht chartering, representing the ultimate maritime luxury. In such a pool, you can take a dive in the blue waters and feel the comfortable, soothing, refreshing and safe sensation while your skin touches it, being bathed by the warm light of the sun and ocean breeze. 

Why should you do that? Because you can. Because you are safer, away from the deep waters and currents of the ocean. And because the pool water is warmer and calmer, allowing you to practice swimming at your own rhythm.

Here are a few examples of yachts for rent in Dubai with a swimming pool in which you can lavish and spoil yourself.

Suerte yacht for rent in Dubai

The Suerte yacht for rent in Dubai is built by Tankoa Yachts and measures 69.6 m (227’ 4”). It has an impressive pool located on the aft deck, being fed by a waterfall and able to hold 8,000 liters of water.

This luxurious swimming pool features a swim-up cocktail bar where the guests can have delicious drinks without having to get out of the water.

And what is delightful about this pool is that it has glass panels at the bottom which let the sunlight filter through the saloon found below.


The Nomad yacht is built by OceanFast in 2003 and has a 228 ft (69.49 m) length, undergoing a splendid redesign in 2005.

Being created especially for long and comfortable cruises, when you rent this yacht in Dubai, you will come onboard the largest luxury motoryacht made of aluminum in the world. It offers a wide range of toys, equipment and diving gear.

On the sun deck, there is a Jacuzzi spa pool where guests can swim all the way to the bar, featuring also sunbathing mattresses on every side and a great BBQ area.

Okto from our yacht charter in Dubai

The Okto yacht was built by the Italian manufacturer ISA, having a jet-black steel hull and being fitted with contemporary-designed gray exterior decks which are fabricated from an eco-friendly material that enables guests to keep those high heels.

However, those might not be needed, as this luxury vessel for rent through our yacht charter in Dubai has a fantastic infinity pool of 6 m in length. Situated on the main deck, the pool can be filled with salt or fresh water, depending on the guest’s desires.

If you would like to know more about the best superyacht pools in Dubai, or if you would like to rent such a vessel, please reach out to our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

Find out more about yachts with a swimming pool in this video:


Reasons to choose a yacht with a swimming pool in Dubai

Luxury charter yachts offer a variety of amenities that can rival some of the most attractive resorts and hotels. Larger yachts, such as many luxury ones, offer not only a swimming pool but also an on-deck jacuzzi. These are situated in a location with high visibility, most often at the bow of the ship, where the guests will be able to enjoy an endless view of the sea while soaking in the hot tub or enjoying the swimming pool/infinity pool.
Some of the reasons why a yacht with a swimming pool in Dubai can be a good option include the following:
  • fitness: avid swimmers know that there is a difference between swimming in the open sea compared to a pool; an on-deck pool will allow you to schedule a convenient workout and maintain fitness while you are on your cruise;
  • cooling down: for those who are more comfortable cooling off in a pool compared to jumping in the sea after sunbathing, this is a very good option;
  • fun for the kids: it may not be safe for children to swim around the charter yacht, thus, a pool is a good option for them to have fun in the water;
  • general relaxation: a yacht with a pool can simply be a good option for relaxing while on your cruise, enjoying the fantastic views while splashing in the water, or simply lounging by the pool at night while enjoying a cocktail.
The swimming pool area is designed to also accommodate a number of pool deck chairs or other options for seating and lounging and, according to the agreed amenities, will also include pool towels. You can discuss the specific conveniences before you rent the yacht.
Renting a yacht with a swimming pool in Dubai does not mean that you will not be enjoying a swim in the ocean or exploring the underwater world (where scuba diving and snorkeling are available). It is simply a welcomed amenity on the yacht that can be used at the end of a fun, adventurous day out at sea. The design and lighting of the swimming pool are integrated into the overall look of the yacht, thus the onboard pool is very pleasant to look at and lounge around. In addition to this, the views from the pool (especially for infinity pools) can be a good location for many exquisite photos of your luxury yacht vacation.

What to keep in mind when you rent a yacht in Dubai

You can start finding the most suitable luxury yacht rental in Dubai for your dream vacation once you have decided on a number of key aspects. Some of these are:
  • your budget: the cost of a luxury yacht in Dubai depends on the size of the vessel, the number of crew members on board, and the chosen amenities which can include a pool, spa, jacuzzi, and many other interesting or fun options;
  • your itinerary: this can depend on the chosen time of year as well as the areas that you wish to explore; our agents who specialize in yacht rental in Dubai can answer your questions relating to available locations;
  • the charter agreement: once you have decided on a model and have outlined some of the most important preferences, it is important to draw up the charter agreement with the broker;
  • the payment plan: it is common to pay an advance provisioning allowance along with the permit fee cost and prepare to pay this allowance before the agreed departure (as stated in the agreement); the exact specifications for payment, as well as the booking conditions, will vary, this is why we suggest working closely with one of our yacht charter Dubai experts;
  • prepare for your trip: lastly, you should start planning your unforgettable vacation aboard the luxury yacht; remember to pack accordingly.
A luxury yacht charter vacation is undeniably an unforgettable one, however, a yacht with a swimming pool can also be a suitable choice for an event, such as a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary party. Our team can help you choose the right type of yacht for your event or your vacation. We offer complete services and assistance so that you can enjoy the experience to its full potential.
According to a 2018 article, Dubai is becoming increasingly more influential in the maritime leisure industry. Some of the available data shows the following: 
  • the United Arab Emirates were ranked 9th in the global superyachts production in 2018;
  • 14 new vessels were manufactured in the UAE that year;
  • the President of the United Arab Emirates reportedly owns the world’s largest superyacht that has a length of 180 meters.
For more information on the types of yachts, the amenities, and how to rent a yacht in Dubai, please contact our specialists. We offer tailored yacht hire solutions and can provide you with specific answers so that you can start planning your dream ocean escape.