Yachts with a Swimming Pool in Dubai

Updated on Monday 10th July 2017

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Yachts with a Swimming Pool in Dubai Image
Yachts with a swimming pool in Dubai are the latest trend in yacht chartering, representing the ultimate maritime luxury. In such a pool, you can take a dive in the blue waters and feel the comfortable, soothing, refreshing and safe sensation while your skin touches it, being bathed by the warm light of the sun and ocean breeze. 

Why should you do that? Because you can. Because you are safer, away from the deep waters and currents of the ocean. And because the pool water is warmer and calmer, allowing you to practice swimming at your own rhythm.

Here are a few examples of yachts for rent in Dubai with a swimming pool in which you can lavish and spoil yourself.

Suerte yacht for rent in Dubai

The Suerte yacht for rent in Dubai has an overall length of 69.6 m (227’ 4”) and is built by Tankoa Yachts. The pool on this impressive yacht is situated on the aft deck, being fed by a waterfall and able to hold 8,000 liters of water.

This luxurious swimming pool features a swim-up cocktail bar where the guests can have delicious drinks without having to get out of the water.

And what is delightful about this pool is that it has glass panels at the bottom which let the sunlight filter through the saloon found below.


The Nomad yacht is built by OceanFast in 2003 and has a 228 ft (69.49 m) length, undergoing a splendid redesign in 2005.

Being created especially for long and comfortable cruises, when you rent this yacht in Dubai, you will come onboard the largest luxury motoryacht made of aluminum in the world. It offers a wide range of toys, equipment and diving gear.

On the sun deck, there is a Jacuzzi spa pool where guests can swim all the way to the bar, featuring also sunbathing mattresses on every side and a great BBQ area.

Okto from our yacht charter in Dubai

The Okto yacht was built by the Italian manufacturer ISA, having a jet-black steel hull and being fitted with contemporary-designed gray exterior decks which are fabricated from an eco-friendly material that enables guests to keep those high heels.

However, those might not be needed, as this luxury vessel for rent through our yacht charter in Dubai has a fantastic infinity pool of 6 m in length. Situated on the main deck, the pool can be filled with salt or fresh water, depending on the guest’s desires.

If you would like to know more about the best superyacht pools in Dubai, or if you would like to rent such a vessel, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.


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