Bachelor Party on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 04th July 2019

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Bachelor Party on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai Image
Want to celebrate your last event as a single in style? A bachelor party on a yacht for rent in Dubai is the perfect location for you and your friends to celebrate. 

With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can have fun taking part in different on and underwater activities, pamper yourselves with the numerous amenities onboard and enjoy fantastic drinks and food! We can help you organize the perfect bachelor party on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai. You can also rely on us if you want to organize a wedding on a yacht charter in Dubai.

To be or not to be… onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai

This is the question. Maybe you have thought about the classic scenario where you meet in an apartment and have the traditional beer with your friends while eating chips on the couch.

Or, you can rent a yacht in Dubai and enjoy a marvelous trip along the Dubai coast, surrounded by the most amazing views and being served by a five-star staff. This way, your bachelor party will remain in everyone’s memories for an entire lifetime. 

Just picture spending an entire day on a yacht for rent in Dubai, with the wind in your hair, celebrating all it implies being a single man with little responsibilities for one more day.

Bring your favorite tracks and enjoy the state-of-the-art sound system, spend time in the jacuzzi or on the deck under the sun while having delicious cocktails. 

And because we know you like to be active, the blue water is waiting for you to try out the jet skis and all the other water sports which can be provided while onboard one of our vessels.

How to choose the yacht for your bachelor party in Dubai

The first thing to consider when throwing a bachelor party is where to have it and Dubai is a perfect location if you ask us. Since you are here, why not charter a yacht and enjoy a great experience with your friends and other wedding guests.

If you decide to rent a yacht and hold a bachelor party in Dubai, you should first consider the type of yacht you will need. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the yacht charter for your bachelor party:
  1. the number of guests you will invite to the party, we can arrange for private parties with just a few guests, but also for larger parties with up to 20 people;
  2. the type of yacht you want to charter, we can help you with luxury yacht services if you really want to spoil your friends;
  3. you can even charter a catamaran for your bachelor party in Dubai if you want to go for something out of the ordinary;
  4. you should also decide whether you want a themed party or not (we can advise in this matter);
  5. you should choose the type of services and entertainment to offer your friends while onboard the yacht;
  6. you can even pick the time of the day when to hold the party (it is not uncommon to have a whole-day party).

We can help you with all the arrangements for your bachelor party if you decide to organize it with the help of our yacht charter agents in Dubai.

What can you do on a yacht charter in Dubai during a bachelor party?

The right question should be ‘what can you not do?’, because there are so many things you can do, it will almost be impossible to comprehend all the possibilities. A bachelor party is all about having fun and unwinding before a stressful day, so we invite you to rent one of our yachts in Dubai and:
  • enjoy a good sunbath while talking to your friends and remembering life as an unmarried man;
  • enjoy swimming and other many water sports (we can provide you with equipment for scuba diving, for example);
  • enjoy a fabulous meal or a more casual and relaxed Swedish buffet where your friends can choose whatever they want to eat;
  • drink wine or champagne and toast with your best friends for the good times ahead;
  • enjoy a cruise around the most significant landmarks in Dubai, if this is your first time here.

There are so many activities you can enjoy while on a yacht for rent for a bachelor party in Dubai there is literally no time to do them all.

If you need any ideas, although we are sure you don’t, you can even ask for some tips from our yacht rental specialists in Dubai.

The best yachts for rent for a bachelor party in Dubai

With several years of experience in the yacht charter industry and organization of parties on such boats, our rental agents can propose various types of yacht for a bachelor party in Dubai. For example, if you want to organize a small private party, the Majesty 48 can be a good choice if you want to invite about 10 persons to your party. However, if you want to host a party with more than 10 guests, we recommend the Benetti 54 which can accommodate 18 guests for the night.

We can provide you with various types of yachts for a bachelor party in Dubai, however, we can also offer other types of pleasure vessels, such as classic yachts, sailing yachts, and even gullet yachts if you are the type of person who wants to stand out from the crowd.

We invite you to get in touch with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai and ask them about the availability of such vessels. Also, if you are passionate about yachting and know exactly what you want to rent, go ahead and ask us.

What our yacht charter in Dubai can offer

Our yachts for rent can be available for a few hours, an entire day or for several days. The yachts are crewed and there will be a captain and stewardess catering to your wishes.

All the cruises begin in the Dubai Marina, after which you will be bewildered by the astonishing views of the Dubai coast and the Arabian Sea.

While onboard, our experienced staff and chef will serve some of the most delicious and exquisite foods as well.

Together with you, we will come up with the perfect itinerary which can include different stops, depending on your own requirements and desires.

We are here to make sure you and your friends enjoy your bachelor party on a yacht for rent in Dubai while spending your last party as a single. 

Why rent a yacht for a bachelor party in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its crystal waters and yachting is one of the passions of the residents here. Tourism has also flourished thanks to this industry, which is why it can now cater to the needs and desires of every person. Bachelor parties are some of the popular parties organized on yachts in Dubai.

Here is what you need to know if you want to rent a yacht in Dubai, no matter if for a bachelor party or a vacation:
  • the yacht rental industry in Dubai is expected to increase to 51 billion USD by 2020;
  • this increase will represent a growth of 6.5% between 2014 and 2020;
  • the yacht rental industry in the Middle East registers an annual growth of up to 10%;
  • at a global level, the UAE occupies one of the top spots in the top 10 superyacht manufacturers;
  • Dubai hosts the International Boat Show for more than 25 years.

If you would like to organize a bachelor party with us, we invite you to get in touch with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.