Tips on How to Choose a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Updated on Monday 14th August 2017

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Tips on How to Choose a Yacht for Rent in Dubai Image
If you have decided to rent a yacht in Dubai for your conference, holiday event, a day or just a couple of hours, choosing the most appropriate yacht for you might seem confusing.
Fortunately, our representatives are here to help. Here are a few tips on how to choose a yacht for rent in Dubai.

1. Decide on your guest list for the yacht charter in Dubai

Your guest list is one of the most important aspects when selecting a yacht for rent in Dubai. Who will come onboard? 
How many guests will you have: is it going to be an intimate cruise or a large event gathering? This will enable our executives to recommend you the most suitable yacht in terms of length.
Besides, it is important to know what your guests’ preferences are: are they more laid back and prefer sunbathing while having delicious cocktails or are they more active and would like to join the fitness room or are more into water sports?
After answering these questions, our yacht charter executives can point out which luxury yacht from our fleet would be the most appropriate for you and your guests so that everybody onboard has a marvelous time while cruising with us.

2. What is your budget?

Another important tip on how to select a yacht for rent in Dubai is to establish your budget.
Depending on the finances which are available for the yacht charter, our executives can give you an idea of the type of yachts which fit your budget and present you with the options available onboard.
There are certain things which are complimentary with our yacht charter in Dubai, such as fresh towels, water and refreshments, however, there are others which will imply additional costs, depending on the type of event you wish to organize with us.

3. The style of the yacht for rent in Dubai

The style of the yacht for rent in Dubai very much depends on the type of event you wish to organize onboard.
For example, if you are going to have a family gathering where children will come as well, our representatives will present you with the yachts from our fleet which have the most safety features.
Or, for a party with numerous guests, we will advise you to choose a yacht with numerous onboard amenities, including a swimming pool, jacuzzi and seating capabilities and which is spacious inside and on the outside as well.
For more tips on how to choose your charter yacht, we invite you to speak to one of our friendly yacht charter team members in Dubai.


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