Types of Yacht Charters

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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Our yacht charter in Dubai offers numerous types of yacht charters which can be available for different occasions and activities. Read on and choose the one which is the most appropriate for you.

Instructional yacht charters in Dubai

Be it formal or casual, the instructional yacht charters in Dubai offer you the chance to learn how to steer the yacht for rent in Dubai of your choice. 

Sometimes, our guests are interested in learning how to sail, helping with the sailing being an interesting occupation which, for some, can be more attractive than relaxing under the sun.

Honeymoon yacht charters

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for your honeymoon, it can be an extremely romantic experience for a recently married couple, where they can sail into secluded beaches, walk hand in hand on sandy beaches and dine in candlelight dinners which are served by their own personal chef.

This way, they will be able to unwind, sightsee, swim and cruise along the Arabian Gulf into the marvelous sunsets while being spoilt by our experienced and discrete crew.

Event yacht charters in Dubai

If you are a party animal, then this type of yacht charter in Dubai is definitely the right choice for you. We will plan all the details of your event so that you will not have to worry but about making the guest list.

Event yacht charters, also named static yacht charters, are bookings which occur entirely on the Dubai marina dock.

A small number of guests can stay overnight in the staterooms of the luxury yacht, however, most of them will spend their time in the guest areas of the yacht.

Yacht chartering with a group of friends in Dubai

When planning to rent a yacht in Dubai with a friend group, it is crucial to define your expectations and understand what the holiday will be about.

Therefore, make sure you all discuss previously to coming onboard what type of holiday you wish to have, since some of them probably want to sail each day and have fun raising the sails, and others, would like to sunbathe all day and enjoy a quiet time.

For more types of yacht charters we offer, or to book a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai, please contact our friendly staff.


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