Yacht for Rent vs. Hotel Holiday

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

When on a yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet, you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, in an ever-changing scenery of your choice, surrounded by complete privacy and being served some of the most delicious foods made by your own personal chef. 

Why a yacht charter in Dubai?

Our luxury yacht charter in Dubai confers the ultimate freedom and comfort, no matter if you want to spend the entire day on a private secluded beach, or seeing the famous attractions that the Dubai coast has to offer.

When you rent a yacht in Dubai from us, you will be able to go in several places and do more activities than you would be able to in a hotel holiday.

On a luxury yacht, you will not have to fight for a place near the pool or crowd in the beach. You will have the captain who will take you to the most beautiful beaches.

The privacy on a yacht for rent is unparalleled, from gourmet meals served according to your own personal preferences without having to book a table, to relaxing under the sun on the deck, surrounded by the blue ocean waters.

As about the accommodation, this will also be second to none while on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Besides, you will be able to also take part in fun activities with the water toys available onboard, be it scuba diving, water skiing or fishing.

An unforgettable holiday with our yacht charter in Dubai

If you love the ocean and feel at ease and relaxed while on water, then rent a yacht in Dubai for your holiday and have an unforgettable time together with your loved ones.

There is nothing better than cruising along the crystal blue waters, feeling the ocean breeze caress your skin and discovering some of the most astonishing man-made wonders of the world in the Arabian Gulf.

We have been able to host many groups of friends and families over the course of many years, and they all came back to repeat their amazing experiences with us.

If you would like to know more about why rent a yacht instead of having a hotel holiday, or to book one of our exquisite luxury yachts, please speak to our friendly yacht charter executives in Dubai.

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