Yacht Charter Types

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

Yacht Charter Types Image
Yacht chartering is generally the term utilized for renting a vessel which needs professional attention. Large yachts and sailboats often need chartering, but there are three various types of yacht charters: bareboat, cabin and crewed.

Type of yacht charter we offer in Dubai

Our yacht charter in Dubai offers crewed charters. These are charters which imply very little responsibility from the client.

The client is, however, responsible for designating the crew and the captain. The client rents the vessel, employs the captain and all the crew which is needed for the trip.

This yacht charter type makes the client participate in working on the ship or just unwinding and enjoying himself or herself.

When you rent a crewed yacht charter in Dubai, you have the opportunity to just unwind and let the crew and the captain entirely take care of the ship’s operation activities.

The types of vessels we offer for rent in Dubai

The kind of yacht for rent in Dubai you choose will shape your experience onboard, therefore it is paramount that you comprehend what every charter yacht has to offer before making a decision.

The term yacht implies a luxury pleasure vessel. A lot of yacht charters which are available are regarded as superyachts, which means they have a length of more than 24 m (78’) and can host a certain number of guests and luxury facilities onboard.

A mega yacht is another terminology used for a superyacht, even though it generally refers to larger superyachts.

When you rent a luxury charter yacht in Dubai from our fleet, it comes in different types, the main ones being motor, sailing and catamaran. These yachts are also subcategorized in various types.

For instance, a motor yacht can be with one, two or several engines, flybridge or open, every type conferring various benefits depending on your own preferences and needs.

If you are searching for high-speed performance or cruising and adventure, we have the right type of yacht for rent in Dubai for you. Please speak to our representatives to learn more about the different yacht charter types of if you would like to make a booking.