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Yacht Charter in Dubai

We introduce you to a superb range of yachts which give you the opportunity to explore clear water, the ruins of antique cultures and animated nightlife. Rent a yacht in Dubai and bring your family and friends on an once-in-a-lifetime experience, and enjoy the fabulous beaches of the bay. We are entirely committed to providing outstanding services and client satisfaction. We can render pure, unaltered pleasure by handling all the details of your yachting experience.

A yacht charter in Dubai continuously increases in popularity, allowing people interested in life on the sea to admire the incredible panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. Here one can enjoy the fantastic sights of the world’s tallest set of designer towers, the different offshore artificial islands, as well as the Palms and the World. With us, you can enjoy the glorious and rich waters of the Arabian Gulf and experience the unique views of the majestic Dubai in your own intimacy and freedom. 

One of the main reasons why you should choose our yacht renting services in Dubai is the superior quality and class. Secondly, the certain values of our service should be considered: safety, comfort characteristics, modern technology and stylish living conditions. Our yachts are distinctively crafted to confer the most joyful experience to our customers.

The video below shows you the main services you can benefit from when renting a yacht in Dubai:


Services Included When Renting a Yacht in Dubai With Us

Rent a yacht in Dubai with us and live the thrill of a yacht cruise experience as we deliver exceptional facilities. Our primary care is the safety of our guests, completed by various services that will help you live an unforgettable journey. The included services are comprised of:

•    Licensed captain and crew: our committed team of vastly trained captain and crew are permanently on board to make sure you have a soothing experience;
•    Luxury transportation: With our luxury transportation services, you can make your entrance at our elegant yacht party in style;
•    Enthusiastic meet and greet service: Concierge service is there to welcome you and your guests upon your arrival. You will be assisted with any luggage carrying.
•    5* service;
•    Soft drinks and juices;
•    Drinking water will be provided;
•    Fresh towels;
•    Yacht slippers;
•    Bathroom facilities;
•    Fuel is included;
•    Insurance for all passengers on board;
•    Safety gear.

Why Our Yacht Renting Services in Dubai?    

We offer some of the best marine-based day activities in Dubai. Our fleet of yachts is the impeccable choice for individual, family or corporate journeys. We are experts in yacht charters, with many years of experience, with an unrivaled proficiency in yacht charters in Dubai. Our luxury yachts are in excellent condition and equipped with the latest comfort and safety facilities on board, being fully insured and suitable for various celebrations and corporate events.

Among the main reasons why you should choose our yacht renting services in Dubai, we mention:

•    Personalized holidays: we will ensure you have a fantastic time onboard, one which truly mirrors your lifestyle. Our luxury yachts for rent offer a wide variety of amenities and accommodations, from gourmet foods to water sports and spa treatments;
•    A yacht for every occasion: our clients are presented with the type of yachts that are available, always presenting a second and third choice in order for them to choose the most appropriate one for their own needs. 
•    Our attention to details: our committed, experienced professionals know that a thorough organization is the key to offering an enjoyable experience on a yacht for rent in Dubai. They therefore make sure that every single detail of your journey is taken care of so that you can have the time of your life with us!
•    Qualified crew: we take safety while on water very seriously. Our crews are certified in maritime safety and all our captains and crews are fluent in English.

Choose our yacht renting services because we have all the ingredients for an exciting and memorable experience on the Dubai seas. Contact us today!


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