10 Events You Can Arrange on Yachts

Updated on Sunday 26th November 2017

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With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can arrange a wide variety of unforgettable events which can give you the chance to spend an amazing time away from the stressful atmosphere of the city together with family, friends, coworkers and clients. Here are 10 events you can arrange on our yachts for rent in Dubai.

1. Rent a yacht in Dubai for a corporate event

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for a corporate event, you can take advantage of a splendiferous setting which will definitely impress your potential customers and build the team spirit among your employees.
The unique views, the amazing facilities onboard and the professional services offered by our captains and crews are ideal for networking, business meetings and hosting exclusive events.

2. An unforgettable wedding

The wedding of your dreams can come true when you rent a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet for it!
We can put together your wedding completely so that it can be a truly amazing one. We know that a wedding has to be perfect to the last detail, therefore we ensure that we plan everything thoroughly to turn every single moment of it into a unique and memorable event.

3. A birthday party on a yacht for rent in Dubai

It is another unique event you can arrange on a yacht. If your birthday is coming up, your friends and family member will be impressed for sure when you rent a yacht in Dubai for it.

4. Family events

Family events on a yacht charter in Dubai are perfect for those who are searching to spend quality time with their loved ones without having to organize them by themselves. 
You can choose from a wide variety of yachts from our fleet which are suitable for smaller or bigger family groups and can suit any kind of activities, such as fishing, spa treatments or water sports.

5. An engagement party with our yacht charter in Dubai

If you rent a yacht in Dubai with us, you can turn your engagement party into a truly special event. We provide some of the most exclusive and luxurious yachts, which are ideal for such an event.

6. Organize a team building

Organizing a team building is another event you can arrange on a yacht. This way, coworkers and employees can have a wonderful time outside of the office and mingle surrounded by the amazing views of the Dubai Marina.

7. A graduation party on a yacht for rent in Dubai

There is definitely no better way to celebrate a graduation party than on a yacht for rent! This is the perfect time to take your mind off exams, teachers and books and have a great time under the amazing stars of the Dubai sky!

8. A wedding anniversary

Couples can celebrate their marriages or relationships in a special event which can be enjoyed either together with family and friends, or in the intimacy of the couple.

9. A unique corporate conference in Dubai

Onboard one of our yachts, we can organize a unique corporate conference in a special and original event. The friendly crew, the amazing catering and the complete conference facilities offered onboard a luxury yacht are the perfect option for the occasion.

10. A corporate anniversary

We can help you organize the perfect corporate anniversary, in which your team members will have a marvelous time while cruising along the fantastic Dubai Marina.
If you would like to know more about the types of events you can organize on a yacht, or to make the arrangements for one, please contact our friendly yacht charter representatives in Dubai.


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