Luxury Yacht Entertainment in Dubai

Updated on Monday 07th May 2018

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Luxury Yacht Entertainment in Dubai Image
Our yacht charter in Dubai provides high quality and customized luxury yacht entertainment services in Dubai which will impress all the guests who come onboard beyond their wildest imagination.
Our luxury yacht fleet is made of numerous vessels of various sizes and which can provide different entertainment facilities, so that all of our client’s requirements and wishes are catered to the last detail.

What types of watersports are available on your yachts for rent in Dubai?

On a yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet you can enjoy many extremely fun and adventurous watersports, such as:
  • Water skiing: a guest is pulled behind a vessel on the surface of the water and this way, he or she can slide over it wearing two skis or one slalom ski;
  • Swimming: one of the most popular, healthy and active water sports in Dubai. Please note that open water swimming can be done only during specified hours of the day;
  • Parasailing: a great luxury yacht entertainment in Dubai, parasailing consists of a person being pulled behind a vessel while he or she is attached to a canopy wing similar to a parachute;
  • Diving: this watersport consists of jumping from a platform or a springboard into the water, with more experienced practitioners effectuating acrobatics while doing that.

What onboard entertainment facilities can you provide?

The onboard entertainment facilities which can be available when you rent a yacht in Dubai from us are extremely sophisticated and diverse.
If you are a movie fan, you could choose a luxury yacht which utilized server-based audio-visual systems, which are more like big computers.
These systems have the capacity of storing hundreds of the latest movies and great collections of music which can satisfy anyone’s desires.

What is the cuisine like on a yacht for rent in Dubai?

Our yacht charter in Dubai provides high standards of cuisine for the guests who come on board one of our luxury vessels.
The cuisine on our yachts is personalized to each particular guest, since our renowned chefs pay attention to everybody’s preferences, tastes and even food allergies.
If you would like to know more about the luxury yacht entertainment facilities we offer in Dubai, please feel free to speak to our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.