Rent a Yacht for Corporate Events in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd May 2020

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Renting a yacht for corporate events in Dubai delivers a unique setting to impress potential clients and lifts the morale of employees. The spectacular surroundings, exciting atmosphere and high level of services offered on a yacht charter in Dubai suit perfectly to networking, business meetings and holding exclusive events, all provided with a powerful impact.

Please watch our video on how to rent a yacht for corporate events in Dubai:

Corporate events and launches on a yacht for rent in Dubai

A yacht for rent in Dubai delivers a fresh and inventive setting for a corporate party or a hospitality event, with all the incentives of a land based location and benefiting from different settings and unparalleled luxury. The corporate event can be customized to suit the particular needs of your corporation and customers, with the expertise and experience of a crew which makes sure that everything runs as planned.

We can cater to events with up to 200 guests and we have a committed team who will take care of all aspects when you rent a yacht in Dubai for corporate events.

Meetings and conferences

Renting a yacht in Dubai has increased in popularity with executives who wish to organize important meetings or seal a business deal away from the hustle bustle of an office. A yacht charter in Dubai offers the ideal occasion to build relationships with suppliers and customers in total comfort, while the host can take advantage of the available flexible choices.

Corporate entertaining with our yacht charter in Dubai

Renting a yacht for corporate events in Dubai can be scheduled to happen in the same time with famous events from all around the world as part of an incentive or reward scheme for top performers in your company and for entertaining potential or current customers. It may also be perfect for team bonding in an exciting atmosphere.

When it comes to rewarding top performers in your company, the perfect way to recognize their hard work and recent accomplishments is a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai. Your top employees, together with their families and spouses, will spend a memorable charter experience, with luxury facilities on board which ensure that everyone will have a wonderful time.

Why rent a yacht in Dubai for your corporate event?

Corporate events are extremely important for any business which is looking to expand in the global market of the present. There is nothing that compares with an event on a private luxury yacht for rent in Dubai, where you and your guests can be taken care of an attentive crew, enjoy 5 star catering and profit form complete event amenities.

When contracting our yacht charter in Dubai for your corporate entertainment, we ensure that every single detail is organized for a smooth and successful experience. All you have to do is to concentrate on your own business objectives, and we will take care of all the other aspects of your event.

Our yacht charter in Dubai offers corporate event organization services which are extremely attractive. Should you choose to take your clients or partners for an entire day or even weekend on the Dubai waters, we can arrange a large variety of activities, like snorkeling, fishing, water skiing and more.

For a Dubai corporate entertainment, the maximum guest capacity may vary, depending on the size of the desired event and that of the yacht you chose together with our representatives. Furthermore, if you decide to have a corporate event on one of our luxury yachts, we will make sure we provide you with the desired décor and drinks, so that in the end, the event will prove to be a total success!

If you are interested in renting a yacht for unforgettable corporate events in Dubai with our yacht charter, contact us and ask to talk to our corporate events manager.