Masquerade Ball on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 17th September 2017

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Masquerade Ball on a Yacht Charter in Dubai Image
Having a masquerade ball on a yacht charter in Dubai can prove to be a fantastic way to allow your friends and loved ones to have fun and relax during a night of intrigue and mystery.
All you have to do is make the guest list and indicate to us what type of theme you would prefer and we will take care of all the other details of the party so that you can concentrate on what is the most important: having a great time with your friends!

Why host a masquerade ball on a yacht for rent in Dubai?

A yacht for rent in Dubai is the ideal setting for a masquerade ball because it confers luxury and extravagance to your event.
The waters of Dubai are magical, and so is the amazing scenery of the Dubai Coast. Imagine yourself surrounded by your friends, delighting your taste with some of the most exquisite foods and drinks served by our professional staff while being caressed by the falling evening upon the sea.
In ancient times, the masquerade balls were held only by the upper classes and they date back to the 15th century Venice, Italy.
It was the beginning of the Renaissance movement in which art, beauty and fantasy were flourishing. This type of balls then became popular in the rest of Europe in the 17th and 18th century, being events in which the rich and the poor alike could mingle like nowhere else.
Some of the best times to hold a masquerade ball while you rent a yacht in Dubai are the New Year, the New Year’s eve and even during other more popular international holidays like the Halloween or during the Al-Hijra (the Islamic New Year).

 A few tips for the perfect masquerade ball on a yacht for rent in Dubai

When you rent a yacht in Dubai with us for your masquerade ball, follow these tips to have the ideal event:
Receive guests by invitation only;
Tell us your vision and we will take care of decorating the yacht for you;
Dress appropriately: costumes or at least masques should be mandatory for you and your guests;
The right music: the best option would be to have a quartet for the event, or at least classic music like Vivaldi, Beethoven or Mozart;
Create fun games. Our representatives can present you with plenty of ideas of such games to play which will add even more mystery and charm to your masquerade ball.
For more details on how to plan a masquerade ball on a yacht in Dubai, or if you would like us to organize such a party for you, please get in touch with our yacht charter executives in Dubai.