Sweet 16 Party on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Updated on Friday 27th October 2017

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Sweet 16 Party on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai Image
Instead of booking the boring restaurant or hall, why not rent a yacht in Dubai for your sweet 16 party? Our luxury yachts are ideal for this occasion. Some of our yachts have dance floors which are very attractive and fun. And, since most sweet 16 parties have a theme and color selected, our yacht charter representatives in Dubai can coordinate the food and décor with the selected theme.

Sweet 16 onboard our yacht for rent in Dubai

Our professionals can match the special lightning, ethnic food stations, linen draping and so on in order to match your theme. This year, very popular themes are the Candy, Theatre, Nautical or Dance themes.
With our creative staff, your sweet 16 party will be one to be remembered for a lifetime, making all your dreams come true.
When onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai for your sweet 16 party, you and your guests will be delighted to find out that you are on the perfect venue.
Our luxury yachts have spacy upper dining decks, hip lounge areas, where there is enough space for a DJ or a live band. The decks can stylishly be decorated with Japanese lanterns, ambient lighting and palm trees.
Our reputed chefs have come up with the perfect menus which can please all of your friends, regardless of their age.

Reasons why consider your sweet 16 party on our yachts in Dubai

Here are a few of the reasons why you should definitely consider a yacht for rent from our fleet in Dubai for your 16 party:
State-of-the-art sound systems: our yachts are equipped with ultra-modern electronics, in case you want to dance all night with a DJ!
Take amazing pictures: the photos that you will take at your sweet 16 party with our yacht charter in Dubai will remain in your memory forever. The natural views of the Dubai coast and the Arabian Gulf will be the perfect surroundings for your pictures and you will always remember this occasion with great pleasure;
LED lighting: our exquisite yachts are equipped with LED exterior lighting and club lighting on the dance floor;
Fantastic food: our reputable chefs will prepare the most delicious menus which will satisfy everyone onboard, from your guests’ parents with the most sophisticated tastes to teenagers with great appetites. Allow our five-star culinary team make a menu to please everybody.
In case you would like to book one of our yachts for your sweet 16 party, please do not hesitate to contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.