Rent a Yacht for your Vacation in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd May 2020

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Rent a Yacht for your Vacation in Dubai Image
Most clients who rent a yacht for their vacation in Dubai for the first time are extremely impressed with the quality of the vacation and the value it renders. It is crucial however to rent the most appropriate yacht with the most suitable crew in the most attractive location. Fortunately, this is actually quite an easy and pleasant process to undertake, as it is managed entirely by our yacht charter in Dubai after finding out your needs and preferences. After all, it is your vacation and you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest!

A luxury yacht for rent in Dubai is designed for complete comfort and preference, rendering an exquisite vacation experience. The yacht represents a complex unit which is customized to deliver the purest pleasures of life with style and a 5 Star experience. Rest assured, the planning is done together with a consultant who can offer experienced advice and guidance so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the most appropriate yacht charter in Dubai which is customized to your particular needs and requirements. 

Choosing the right yacht

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for your vacation, choosing the right one is paramount. There are plenty of yachts to choose from, so with some experienced and objective assistance you can select the most appropriate for you depending on your preference. Various yachts specialize in various aspects of the yachting experience, suit various tastes and have various crews. Every single one of these yachts have a range of accommodation options and amenities, as well as different features. To come to the ideal choice, you have to take into account your budget and the activities you would like to engage in while onboard during the vacation.

 Itinerary of your holiday on a yacht in Dubai

This is another part that is taken care by your consultant when renting a yacht for your vacation in Dubai. After booking the chosen yacht, you start planning your customized itinerary. Your consultant from our yacht charter in Dubai will advise you based on their previous experience and from the Captain’s input, however you always are the one who makes the final decisions. The itinerary should be planned together with the friends and family members who will join you on board in order to make sure that everybody has a great time during your vacation on the yacht.

On the confirmation of your charter contract, a preference file will be sent to you to be filled before the vacation starts. This file contains details of your favorite lifestyle, beginning with favorite menu, medical histories and reservations regarding your journey. It will also list the names of all persons who will be joining you on board. This enables the crew to be fully organized and it will occur without any undesirable incidents. 

More information is available upon request. If you would like to rent a yacht for your vacation in Dubai, please do contact us.