Music on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 22nd December 2016

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Music on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai Image
For an even more soothing experience, we can offer the appropriate soundtrack so that you can enjoy the cruise on your favorite tracks. Our DJ service enables you to choose from a wide range of music styles on a yacht for rent in Dubai, from soft, calming melodies for a romantic getaway or lively, peppy beats to start a party onboard.

A unique experience on a yacht charter in Dubai

Our yachts for rent in Dubai offer outstanding accommodations, onboard activities and delight. They represent the ideal getaway from a busy life for you and your family, friends or lover. Be it for business or pleasure, on the sun deck or in the conference room, your experience will certainly be pleasurable and unique.

Modern entertainment, mixed with exquisite service and music on a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai are the perfect choice for a holiday, corporate event, wedding or honeymoon. Together with an exclusive DJ package, guests can now enjoy more services while onboard, besides just cruising, sightseeing and enjoying the ocean breeze. 

The optional DJ service transforms a corporate event, wedding or birthday party into a memorable and fun event. All you have to do is make the guests list, as we will take care of all the other details. For your special event, we can assist you to choose the ideal luxury yacht which best suits your needs and desires.

What you can enjoy with music onboard a luxury charter yacht in Dubai

While choosing the DJ service on a yacht for rent in Dubai, you can enjoy with music onboard:

•    an unforgettable experience while you admire the incredible skyline views of the Dubai marina from the deck;
•    a fun party with music of all varieties spun by some of the most reputed local DJs;
•    cool cocktails and courtesy late-evening hors d’oeuvres;

Please contact one of our yacht charter representatives in Dubai for more details about music on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai. We will make sure you enjoy one of the most fun and memorable experiences while taking care that everything goes smoothly and safely for you and your guests.