FAQ about our Yachts in Dubai

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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Whether you are an experienced traveler, or it is the first time you rent a yacht in Dubai, it is important to know all the details about the yachts available with our yacht charter. If you have any queries about our yachts in Dubai, read the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject:

1. How large is your yacht fleet in Dubai?

Our luxury yacht fleet in Dubai is one of the largest in this area. We can offer the appropriate yacht for large or small groups. Our yacht charter consultants in Dubai can assist you in choosing the right vessel which best suits your needs and requirements.

2. What amenities are there onboard?

Our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai are endowed with numerous amenities, ranging from the most basic ones like bedrooms, saloon, private bathrooms, fly bridges, to more high end ones, such as Jacuzzi, bar, BBQ, sun deck, gym and more. 

3. Are food and drinks supplied for your yachts?

Water and soft drinks are complimentary for all our yachts for rent. Upon request, we can arrange for a private reputable chef or different catering menus to be available for you, against a reasonable extra charge. All these options will be discussed thoroughly with you during your initial conversation with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

4. Is snorkeling or swimming allowed?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about our yachts in Dubai. When you rent a yacht in Dubai with us, you can definitely request to do snorkeling or swimming. We will provide you with complimentary equipment for snorkeling on our vessels.

5. Are children allowed on your yachts for rent in Dubai?

Children can come onboard a yacht for rent from our fleet in Dubai only if they are together with their guardians or parents. Their guardians or parents will be solely responsible for the children’s safety onboard, and not the crew. Children younger than 9 are required to wear life jackets during the entire time spent onboard.

6. Are pets allowed onboard?

Although we love life in its all forms, for their own safety, pets are not allowed onboard.

7. Is music available on your yachts?

All our yachts have a home theater system, as well as a state-of-the-art sound system. You can enjoy our selection of music from our own collection or carry your own DVDs or CDs with you.

8. What should my luggage contain?

Your luggage should contain wind jackets, lotions against sun burning, lotions against insect bites, medications against seasickness, swimsuits and so on.

9. Is smoking allowed on a yacht for rent in Dubai?

Onboard most of our vessels, smoking is not permitted. It is advisable to talk to our yacht charter representatives in Dubai about this before getting onboard, because this policy may be different on certain vessels. For safety concerns, smoking is not allowed in staterooms and cabins on all of our luxury yachts. Some vessels allow smoking in designated outdoors areas.

10. What kind of amenities are there onboard?

Onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, one can find the latest equipment and state-of-the-art amenities. All of our yachts are provided with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and DVD players. The below deck areas confer space, luxury and comfort. Some of our models even have onboard gyms, BBQs and jacuzzis.

11. Are the captain and crew members onboard all the time?

Indeed, the captain and the crew members are onboard all the time. In case there is more than one crew member, when the guests are not on the vessel, not all of them have to be onboard. However, at least one crew member stays onboard at all times. The captain and the crew also sleep onboard the luxury yacht.

In case you have further questions about our yachts in Dubai, we invite you to get in touch with our executives. 


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