Dubai Marina Tour with our Yacht Charter in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 30th January 2018

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Dubai Marina Tour with our Yacht Charter in Dubai Image
The Dubai Marina represents 50 million square feet (4,545,152 square meters) of a man-made marina which revolutionized the frontal view of the southern end of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The Marina is close to Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road, being a central area, connected to the rest of the city

With our yacht charter in Dubai, you can enjoy a 50 minutes ride on a luxury yacht for rent along the amazing Dubai Marina at sunset. This is the ideal and affordable way of admiring the fantastic skyline of the city during the night surrounded by unbelievable views. 

What you can admire during the Marina Tour with our yacht charter in Dubai

While on a yacht for rent in Dubai, we can take you on an unforgettable tour in the Dubai Marina and cruise along some of the most amazing places in the entire world.

The Marina is placed along the curves of many man-made lakes, surrounded by high rises, classy hotels and numerous million-dollar vessels.

The area is also comprised of the beachfront of the Jumeirah Beach Residence, a gross floor area waterfront community, a residential development which contains 40 towers, among which 5 are hotels. 

The Marina also contains a forest of towers colored as the sand, a couple of shopping areas, as well as public beaches.

At the north, the Dubai Marina can be visited when you rent a yacht in Dubai as it stretches across the Mina Seyahi zone right before the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, while at the south you can admire the distant views of the industrial towers and the Jebel Ali, a port town situated at 35 kilometers northwest of Dubai.

A walk in the Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is quite a new attraction of the city which can be visited while on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Here, one can admire the dramatic skyline of the skyscrapers and of the residential apartment buildings.

The Marina appears most impressive when it is lightened during the night. With many buildings still under construction, the Dubai Marina is continuously changing, offering something new for tourists to explore all the time.

One of the fascinating ways to admire the Dubai Marina is by simply walking. The Dubai Marina Walk is renowned in the entire world, with plenty of things to do in the surrounding areas of the Marina.

The Dubai Marina Walk is a beachfront paved walkway with 305 outlets and more than 65 restaurants which will definitely keep you entertained and active, since the walk implies several kilometers of  a pedestrian walkway which takes an entire day to finish.

The beach area is the Jumeirah Beach, conferring amazing scenic views of the Arabian Gulf. At around lunch time, you can try some of the most famous restaurants in the entire world.

These restaurants are opened with respect to numerous cultures and ages and they do not serve alcohol. If you do want to have alcoholic drinks, you can find them at hotel bars and grills.

Why visit the Dubai Marina?

The Dubai Marina is definitely worth visiting while on a yacht for rent in Dubai, since it represents one of the city’s newest residential and entertainment districts where you can have the fun of your life.

The charming neighborhood represents the ideal mix between the beach and the cosmopolitan atmosphere, being built on man-made canals.

Here, one can admire shiny modern high luxury apartment blocks, five-star beach resorts, numerous classy restaurants, international and traditional shops and boutiques, as well as many walking and running paths.

In case you would like to know more about the Dubai Marina tour with our yacht charter in Dubai, or to book a yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet, please contact our friendly staff.