Decorations for Your Yacht Party in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd May 2020

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Decorations for Your Yacht Party in Dubai Image
A yacht for rent in Dubai is a great space for corporate events. It can undoubtedly offer your guests a sense of glamour, opulence and style which is difficult to recreate anywhere else. If requested, we can arrange for decorations for your yacht party in Dubai when renting one of our charter yachts for a corporate event. Balloons and various decorations can add a special sense to your event, making sure that all your employees, clients or business partners are impressed and have a unique time onboard.

Casino decorated events in Dubai

If you want to make a great impression on your top customers or prove your appreciation to your trusted employees, you can have a black tie dinner with decorations for your yacht party in a casino surrounding. Your guests will be extremely pleased to see they are attending such a spectacular event in Dubai

Shades and seating

We can improve the quality of your and your guests’ time onboard by upgrading the seating on deck as well as inside the cabin. Leather or vinyl seats can be utilized to create a special feel, with the captain’s chair being placed above all in the center. We can render a more attractive exterior deck by selecting decorative and colored tent covers. Partial shades can also be installed.

Under the stars

Imagine having a corporate party hosted on a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai with the stars and moonlight as its background. Guests will take great joy in cruising along the Dubai Marina after we arranged decorations for your yacht party in shades of silver, gold and ivory. Whatever your menu choice will be, decoration and entertainment, this elegant and classy décor will certainly leave an unforgettable impression on everyone onboard.


A more classic looking yacht can be completely transformed when adding a simple carpet on the bare floor. There can be a wide range of carpets to choose from, starting with the simpler ones and ending with luxury floor covers. 

Our yacht charter specialists in Dubai have a wide range of decoration ideas for your corporate event onboard one of our luxury yachts. If you are planning to have such an event, get in touch with one of our experienced representatives to find out more about our fleet, decorations for your yacht party, itinerary and more.