Yacht Rental in Dubai vs. Cruise Ship

Updated on Monday 25th July 2016

Yacht Rental in Dubai vs. Cruise Ship Image
When it comes to a comparison between a yacht rental in Dubai and a cruise ship, the yacht rental definitely comes first in the list of preferences for people who enjoy the open waters, infinite blue sky and ocean breeze. Here are a few of the most important advantages a yacht rental in Dubai holds over a cruise ship.

What happens onboard stays onboard

While on a yacht for rent in Dubai, one can enjoy total and sheer privacy. You will not have to share your space with other hundreds of guests, but only with the ones you yourself have invited onboard. A cruise ship can have a capacity in excess of 3,000 guests without counting the crew, meaning that privacy onboard such a vessel is not likely to happen. As opposed, while on a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai you can enjoy outstanding experiences hidden from the hustle bustle of a crowd of strangers.

Great dining

Onboard a luxury yacht in Dubai, you will have a chef who will prepare the most exotic and gourmet plates, according to your own preference and tastes. A cruise ship a lot of times implies a less customized service as there are many more people to take care of.

Activities on a yacht for rent in Dubai

When you rent a yacht in Dubai, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities onboard, on and under water, starting from expert massage, facials, personal trainer sessions, and scuba diving or water skiing, which as you most probably know are not available on a cruise ship where there are only a few activities available.

Safety onboard in Dubai

Even though it is not unsafe to get onboard a cruise ship, a private yacht charter in Dubai proves to be safer due to the fact that there are fewer people onboard, with fewer chances of spreading diseases or someone doing something wrong. Also, on a charter yacht, in the unlikely event of an emergency, a specialized crew onboard, trained to the latest international standards, is always alert and close.

A yacht for rent in Dubai offers freedom, privacy and is customized to meet the highest demands to make sure your dream holiday becomes a reality. Please feel free to check out our yacht fleet for charter in Dubai and start planning a memorable journey. We invite you to contact us for a customized offer.