Water Skiing in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 15th November 2016

Water Skiing in Dubai Image
Water skiing in Dubai is a relatively simple sport. It involves a person who is wearing a pair of specially designed skis being pulled by a vessel across the water. This sport has been around for approximately a century, being developed simultaneously with the progress of motor vessels. The vessel which effectuates the pulling must have a speed of at least 32.18 km (20 miles) per hour and above. Water skiing is one of the most exciting, adrenaline-rushing activities you can enjoy when you rent a yacht in Dubai with us. 

Who can do water skiing in Dubai?

Water skiing in Dubai has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and our yacht charter representatives in Dubai offer the possibility to practice this sport for everybody, from beginners to professional level practitioners, having no age limit.

Water skiing in Dubai is an exciting sport. Although it is an individual activity, it does involve the presence of several persons. A vessel driver is necessary, too, as he or she has to maneuver the yacht according to the skier’s level. 

The advantage of water skiing is that it does not involve any special locations or facilities in order to be practiced. All it requires is the vessel and the laces. Therefore, there is no need to worry about where to do water skiing in Dubai. All you need to do is rent a yacht in Dubai with us, get onto the skis and slide on the water surface. 

Basic techniques for water skiing in Dubai

The ski set can be put on in one of the following ways:

•    Wet – the most common one; or
•    Dry.

Generally, water skiing is started in deep water. The sportsman gets into the water with his or her skis on or they get into the water by jumping without them, have the skis sent to him or her and then he or she puts them on. After the sportsman puts the skis on, he or she receives a tow rope from the yacht for rent in Dubai, which is placed between the skis. Then, the sportsman crouches down in the water while holding on to the ski rope. A dry start can be also effectuated, which means that the skier stands on the shore or a pier, but this is usually recommended for professional skiers. When the sportsman is ready, he or she gives a signal to the vessel driver, who drives off the vessel. As the vessel drives off, the sportsman allows the vessel to pull him or her out of the water and gets into a standing position. As the vessel accelerates, the skier glides over the water and it is all fun and exciting!

For more information about Dubai water skiing onboard one of our yachts for rent, please contact our yacht charter in Dubai