Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 06th August 2016

Tourist Attractions in Dubai Image
When renting a yacht in Dubai, you will have the chance to cruise along the blue waters of the Dubai coastline along the Arabian Gulf in luxury and comfort. Our charter yachts are roomy, with state of the art amenities, allowing you to enjoy a unique experience together with your family, friends, business partners, clients or employees. Here are a few of the most fantastic tourist attractions in Dubai you will be able to admire while cruising onboard one of our luxury yachts.

The Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai

Named the eighth Wonder of the World, the Palm Jumeirah Island is an artificial archipelago in Dubai created by a company owned by the local government. Its construction was started in 2001 and in 2007, it already become one of the largest artificial islands worldwide. By 2010, no less than 28 hotels opened their doors on the Crescent.

The Atlantis luxury resort in Dubai

The Atlantis is a premier resort on the Palm Jumeirah Island and a well-known tourist attraction in Dubai with views to the Arabian Gulf, located 14 km away from Wadi Wadi Water Park and 15 km from the Mall of Emirates. 

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab hotel is of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai, the third highest hotel in the entire world, which is constructed on an artificial island located 280 m from Jumeirah beach, being connected to the mainland by a curving bridge. The shape of its building is created to imitate the sail of a ship. It is endowed with a helipad near the roof, at 210 m above the ground. Our yacht charter executives in Dubai can offer more details on this famous hotel. 

 The World Island in Dubai

The World Island, another tourist attraction in Dubai, is an artificial archipelago comprised of different smaller islands built in the shape of a world map, located in the Persian Gulf at 4 km away from the coast of Dubai. The World Island is made mainly of sand excavated from the superficial coastal waters of Dubai, being one of the various artificial islands developed here. 

Enjoy a unique experience along the amazing Dubai coastline and Arabian Gulf onboard one of our luxury yachts for rent in Dubai! We invite you to get in touch with us to book a yacht cruise for a family vacation, corporate event or a short break.