Top 5 Accessories to Bring on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Updated on Thursday 10th August 2017

Top 5 Accessories to Bring on a Luxury Yacht Charter Image
No matter what your destination is, a yacht charter in Dubai represents the ultimate adventure for the ones who love luxury and glamour. 
When on such an experience, it is important to know what to bring along so that you feel comfortable and cozy. Here are our top five accessories to bring on a luxury yacht charter.

1. The right electronics on a yacht for rent in Dubai

A holiday on a yacht for rent in Dubai is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the most modern pieces of electronics.
Make sure you pack a personal music player like an iPod, your laptop if necessary and, obviously, a camera or go-pro to record all the memorable times and amazing scenery that Dubai has to offer.
In case you cannot live without your hair straightener, make sure to bring it along. Mind you, the yacht for sure has hairdryers.
Speak to our representatives about all the electronics and accessories available onboard so that you only bring what is needed.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses, when you rent a yacht in Dubai, are an absolute top accessory to bring. If you are trying to block the sun or just to look stylish, they are something that should not miss from your luggage.
Make sure you bring with you two pairs, one which is polarized so that you’ll look great in those pictures, and one cheaper, which you will not regret if they get lost or damaged.

3. Soft-soled shoes onboard a yacht charter in Dubai

Luxury yachts have a policy for protecting the deck from getting dirty or damaged, usually requiring their guests to walk barefoot. 
However, there can be exceptions in case you want to wear shoes. These should be soft-soled and new or perfectly cleaned.

4. International adaptors

Most of the times, while on a yacht charter in Dubai, the yacht will have one adaptor for every cabin. However, this can prove to be not enough for all your electronics.
Just to make sure they will be enough, bring along two international adaptors.

5. An extra hat for your cruise in Dubai

An extra wide-brimmed hat and a cap will ensure you stay protected from insolation and will make you look cool at the same time.
If you would like to know more about what to bring on a charter, or to book one of our luxury yachts for an unforgettable holiday or event, please speak to our yacht charter executives in Dubai.

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