Tips for Your Fishing Trip on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

Tips for Your Fishing Trip on a Yacht Charter in Dubai Image
When you decide to rent a yacht in Dubai for your fishing trip, you want to make sure you will have a positive experience, no matter if you are new or more experienced in fishing.
In order to make sure that happens, here are a few tips for your fishing trip on a yacht charter in Dubai.

1.    The cost of a fishing trip in Dubai

A cheaper fishing trip on a yacht charter in Dubai does not necessarily mean it will be a good experience. Fishing vessels need a lot of maintenance, just like the appropriate licensing, which has to be acquired and regularly updated.

There are also premiums which need to be paid for the insurance policies to entirely cover you and your family in case of an unfortunate event during the trip.

Besides, there are also docking fees requested by the marina which add to the final costs. And, depending on the vessel, there are the fuel costs, too.

So if you add all these, you realize that, in order to have a great and safe fishing trip, sometimes a more expensive cost is the right choice.

2.    Do your research

Before going out on the water to fish, make your research online. There are a lot of chat rooms which are fishing-oriented and where clients and state their opinions after a charter.

Make your opinion based on several comments, not just one, and then choose a charter which has good reviews.

3.    Mind the sea sickness on the yacht for rent in Dubai

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for your fishing trip, remember that sea-sickness is something that can ruin your entire trip. 

Many times, fishing charter yachts sail over a large number of kilometers to arrive at the fishing spots and if you are prone to sea-sickness, this prolonged motion can eventually affect you, mainly if the swell is up.

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to take with you sea-sickness medicines from the pharmacy, like Travacalm or Kwell tablets. 

Even if there is a slight chance you might get sea-sick, make sure you pack these medicines with you before you leave the shore, so that you can have the time of your life with no worries whatsoever!

For more tips for choosing the best fishing charter, or if you would like to organize a fishing trip on one of our yachts for rent, please contact our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

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