Tips for Fishing Trip in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 25th September 2016

Tips for Fishing Trip in Dubai Image
Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner of fishing, it is always good to be well prepared before going on a fishing adventure on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Here are a few tips for your fishing trip in Dubai.

Choose the right gear

When going on a fishing trip with a yacht charter in Dubai, it is always good to choose carefully the fishing gear. Go for the rugged equipment, mainly the rods, as travelling with them a lot of times can lead to breakage. You could try the Shakespeare Ugly Stick as it is almost indestructible, however most fiberglass rods are appropriate.

Avoid seasickness

To avoid seasickness, get to a chemist before your trip and acquire some Travacalm or Kwell tablets, some ginger tablets or to a health store for drinking ginger beer. It works! It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you are well prepared in case you feel sick onboard. It would be a shame not to enjoy your getaway!

Top-and-bottom rings

Another tip for your fishing trip in Dubai is to bring with you simple top-and-bottom rings that have a couple of leaders with hooks attached and a clip for a sinker at one end. These are the right choice for most species of fishes found in various locations. Hooks would better be small - #4 or #5 – and sinkers varying from one to three ounces are enough to maintain your rig on bottom, if the currents are not too strong.

Length of the journey

Normal fishing trips in Dubai last from four to six hours. However, you can go for a longer fishing journey with our yacht charter in Dubai which can last for up to 12 hours. The choice is yours. In a few cases, you can even opt for an overnight trip. 

Do not be disappointed

A good tip for a fishing trip in Dubai would be to realize that some days are better than others, and even though the location has plenty of fish, sometimes the fish just will not bite and there is nothing to be done about that. Before getting onboard, develop a mindset that tells you that, even though you are investing your money in a fishing trip, you could get back with nothing. This will enable you to avoid disappointment and allow you to just enjoy a time well spent with your family, friends or business partners.

For a unique experience onboard, as well as other valuable tips for your fishing trip in Dubai, we invite you to contact us. Our yacht charter executives in Dubai would be happy to hear from you!