The White Rabbit Golf, the World’s Largest Tri-hulled Yacht

Updated on Saturday 25th August 2018

Luxury yacht charters have become quite ordinary for people going on vacations in Dubai. From small to medium-sized yachts, tourists seek to rent vessels with top amenities and facilities. There are also those who prefer to rent large yachts and we have some good news for them: Echo Yachts has just announced the launch of the largest tri-hulled yacht in the world, the White Rabbit Golf. If you want to rent a yacht in Dubai, our representatives can offer information on our packages.

White Rabbit Golf is 84 meters long

Announced last year, the White Rabbit Golf trimaran is ready to conquest those passionate about yachting. Its creators have announced the White Rabbit Golf as the largest tri-hulled yacht in the world, with a length of 84 meters.

Unveiled at the middle of August 2018, the White Rabbit Golf is expected to be launched at the beginning of September and promises to be one of the most spectacular superyachts created so far.
Given its size, the creators have also built a 51-meter catamaran which will be used as a support for the large superyacht. Named Charley, the catamaran also promises to offer one of the best and most luxurious experiences which will complete the spectacular White Rabbit Golf.

If you are interested in renting a superyacht, our yacht charter agents in Dubai can recommend you the best option based on your requirements and budget.

What does the White Rabbit Golf offer?

Apart from being the largest superyacht in the world, the White Rabbit Golf is expected to impress through the large outdoor entertainment spaces and decks with a 20-meter beam, but also through the interior entertainment spaces. Moreover, the 84-meter long trimaran can accommodate up to 22 guests. Its interior will be decorated in tones of gold, while the furniture will most likely be custom-made.

The superyacht will also be representative for the category of large yachts from a fuel efficiency and sea keeping points of view, by offering one of the greatest performances so far.

If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, you should know that a yacht charter is one of the main attractions of this city. We kindly invite you to contact us for information and the prices related to renting a yacht in Dubai.