The Ultimate Yacht Charter Checklist

Updated on Sunday 31st July 2016

The Ultimate Yacht Charter Checklist Image
If you have decided to rent a yacht in Dubai, it is important to know what to bring onboard. Here is the ultimate yacht charter checklist any person onboard should have.

What to check before departure from Dubai:

The yacht charter checklist starts with these important issues:

•    If arriving in Dubai one night before: do you have where to stay?
•    Do you need transfer services from the hotel/airport?
•    At what time will the check-in procedure happen?
•    Have you order any supplementary services, like hostess, chef and so on?
•    Ask us about all the necessary documents while onboard;
•    Verify the things to pack.

What to pack on a charter yacht in Dubai:

•    Carry your luggage in a bag or duffel bag, which are most comfortable to store onboard a yacht;
•    Charter contract;
•    Passport/I.D. and a copy of it stored in another place;
•    Sun cream;
•    Hats;
•    Any necessary medication, including remedies in case you get seasick;
•    Wallet, but eliminate the unnecessary credit cards or other items from it;
•    2 pairs of sunglasses;
•    Camera, wrapped in a waterproof bag;
•    Binoculars;
•    Cash or travelers checks;
•    Guidebooks;
•    Books to read, mainly about the area which you will be visiting.

What not to pack:

•    Do not pack in large suitcases. There is a limited storage space onboard, and in case of bad weather they can act as “missiles” hitting everything around;
•    Anything which is valuable to you;
•    Any items which are not essential to your well-being and comfort;
•    Expensive jewelry and other valuables which are not essential;
•    Watches or other devices which are not waterproof.

Things to remember when renting a yacht in Dubai:

While putting together your yacht charter checklist, remember to:

•    Bring only the essential clothes and more money;
•    Acquire travel insurance when you rent your yacht charter holiday or event;
•    Bring your own toiletry items;
•    Verify with our yacht charter in Dubai what is included and what is extra;
•    Make sure you bring your passport or I.D.;
•    Let your credit card company know that you are leaving for a holiday so that they do not report your cards to be stolen;
•    Bring some evening clothing as well.

Most of all, have a wonderful time while renting a yacht in Dubai with our yacht charter. Please get in touch with us for any questions regarding the yacht charter checklist or if you would like to book a yacht with us for a memorable experience.