Snorkeling in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 05th November 2016

Snorkeling in Dubai Image
Snorkeling is one of the watersports that you can enjoy when you rent a yacht in Dubai. It basically involves swimming at the surface of or through the water wearing a specific equipment comprised of a diving mask, a shaped tube that is named a snorkel and, most of the times, fins. This gear enables the snorkeler to see the underwater wildlife and objects for prolonged periods of time without too much effort and to be able to breathe while facing down the water.

Main places to snorkel in Dubai

Dubai, the largest city in the U.A.E., offers some great places to do snorkeling, being extremely popular for this type of activity among snorkelers. Some of the most interesting places to do snorkeling in Dubai include:

•    The World Islands: as one of the city’s famous wonders, they represent a set of man-made islands built to replicate the shape of a world map. The World Islands are situated in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, approximately 4 km away from the coast of Dubai. Here you can admire a great variety of wildlife, such as sergeant, angel fish, snapper, sting rays, bat fish and if you are in luck, you could also see one or two turtles;
•    The Atlantis: in the famous resort on the Palm Jumeirah, you can have a fantastic snorkeling experience at the Lost Chambers Aquarium and in the remarkable Ambassadors Lagoon, being able to observe around 65,000 marine creatures;
•    Musandam Dhow: on the Coast of Musandam, one can admire some of the most beautiful natural reefs which are found here. Here snorkelers can also observe a wide variety of fish as well, like hammour, snapper, Angel fish, grouper, barracudas and on a lucky day even a couple of turtles;
•    Other interesting snorkeling sites include the Snoopy Rock and Dibba Rock. Our yacht charter representatives in Dubai can provide more information on these snorkeling locations.

General considerations about Dubai

If you are a fist timer when it comes to snorkeling on a yacht for rent in Dubai, it is good to know that there are no competitions in snorkeling, hence it is considered more of a recreational activity than a sport in its own right. Snorkeling in Dubai is so popular because of the climate which is a tropical desert one, with extremely hot and humid summers and warm and short winters. It is advisable to avoid traveling to Dubai during Islamic holidays and keep in mind that during Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, being a month of fasting), eating and drinking in public places is forbidden early morning to early evening. 

If you would like to know more about the snorkeling activities in Dubai available with a us, please contact our yacht charter in Dubai