Sailing Facts

Updated on Wednesday 06th July 2016

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When you rent a yacht in Dubai, whether you are a first timer or an experienced sailor, it is always good to know a few interesting sailing facts which are worth sharing to prove the depth and extensiveness of this activity. 

A little bit of history

Although it might seem unbelievable, the first boat ever known was traced back approximately 8,000 years ago. Even if boats existed for a long time, the ancient Egyptians were the first to be recognized for it. They were made of the papyrus plant, they were thin and long and were utilized for short trips or fishing on the Nile.

Origin of the word “yacht”

One of the interesting sailing facts is that yachting for pleasure and as a sport started in Holland in the 16th century. The word “yacht” has its origins from the old Dutch, jacht, an abbreviation from jaghtship, which means “hunting ship”. The initial yachts, build for the nobles, has around 14 to 20 meters (45 to 65 ft) and were fast and easy to maneuver.

The Dubai Marina

Engineered as a city on water, Dubai Marina is one of the world’s largest and most extensively planned man-made waterfronts. The city-within-a-city offers its residents the exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle of an urban city combined with the bohemia of the marina. All residential towers have great views from the marina, as well as the Palm Jumeirah Isle and the Arabian Gulf.

How can water vehicles float?

How is it possible for water vehicles to float? Among the sailing facts, we must mention the force which makes it happen. It is called buoyancy.

Buoyancy is an unseen upward force. This force comes to effect when an object is placed in a liquid environment. In order to float, the object has to be less dense than water. When initially invented, boats were hollowed out, which made them less dense and enabled the water to exert enough force to make it float.

Sailing terms

When it comes to sailing facts, there are certain sailing terms one should know while on a yacht, such as:

•    starboard: the forward-facing right side of a water vehicle;
•    port: the left side of a water vehicle;
•    hull: the body of the water vehicle;
•    stern: the back part of a water vehicle.

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