Racer or Cruiser?

Updated on Thursday 10th August 2017

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In the world of sailing, cruising refers to a lifestyle which means living onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai for longer periods of time while traveling from one place to another for pleasure purposes.

In this article, we outline a few important differences between a racer and a cruiser vessel and what characterizes each.

Meaning of a racer explained by our yacht charter representatives in Dubai

Racing vessels represent high-performance vessels which generally have an open cockpit and light and aerodynamic hulls to decrease the wetted zones.

The wide beam and flat bottom avoid heeling too much. They have a heavy keel which sustains a high mast with a large sail zone.

This type of vessels is built only for the purpose of sacrificing the comfort of the crew for the high speed. They do not have living areas, since they are constructed with only basic accommodation and with a low weight in order to reach higher speeds.

Racing boats can be seen while you rent a yacht in Dubai from our fleet, being constructed in different sizes and with various crew members.

They are mostly used by expert yachtsmen, their friends and families, even though they can be run only by one single person.

Cruising boats as defined by our yacht charter executives in Dubai

Cruising vessels are built for pleasure and have a greater stability than the racers with their high speeds. As you will notice with our yacht charter in Dubai, these vessels, too, have different dimensions.

However, they are constructed to be handled by no more than two persons. Their design can vary as well to some degree, but they are more focused on offering comfort, quality equipment, functionality and an appropriate performance.

Cruising vessels offer accommodation for minimum two individuals and provide quite luxurious living areas. 

They can provide below deck accommodation such as large saloon with a spacy galley and navigation area, cabins and head.

For more details on the differences between a racer and a cruiser, or if you would like to book one of our luxury yachts, please feel free to contact our yacht charter executives in Dubai

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