Must-Have Tools for a Bareboat Charter

Updated on Saturday 17th March 2018

Bareboat chartering is increasing in popularity nowadays. It is important, though, to be aware that you must be prepared for all situations when going on such an adventure. Here are the most important must-have tools for a bareboat charter recommended by our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

1. Pocket multitool on an adventure on the waters of Dubai

A pocket multitool is a crucial instrument when going on a bareboat charter. It is quite handy even when you rent a yacht in Dubai.
Always being close to you, it can be utilized to open shackles, slicing line, getting rid of corrosion and many more.

2. Jumper or booster cables

There is no other replacement for jumper cables. Each vessel should have a set of these. A dead or low generator battery can be revived from the mains or the house and the other way around, depending on where you are.
An eight-gauge jumper wire is the smallest you should get, with six and four gauge being recommended by our yacht charter agents in Dubai, and 15 to 20 feet in length being enough for the majority of midsize vessels.

3. Personal flotation devices while on a vessel in Dubai

It is one of the most crucial must-have tools for a bareboat charter. There are certain regulations related to the personal flotation devices which are important to be known to make sure they are appropriate for the water type.
When acquiring these essential tools, it is recommended to learn if the class of life jacket fits the size, type and temperature of the water body in the place where you are traveling.
There are other considerations related to these, as well. When you get onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, our attentive crew will make you aware of all these issues so that you are perfectly safe and secure.

4. A magnetic LED light

A lot of places on a vessel are dark. A magnetic LED light is a must-have tool on a bareboat or crewed charter, alike.
For example, in engine-room areas, the light can many times be placed on the engine to maintain both hands free.
The magnet can also pick up a nut or wrench which jumped out of reach.
If you would like to know more essential tools for your boat, or for making all the arrangements for your holiday or special event with us, please speak to our yacht charter executives in Dubai.