Latest Trend in Yachting

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

Latest Trend in Yachting Image
According to the latest reports, the latest trend in yachting is chartering, instead of buying. Extremely high-net-worth persons, characterized by having a minimum net worth of USD 30 million, resorted to 21% more yacht charters in 2015 compared to the previous year. A cruise on a yacht for rent in Dubai has always been a dream come true for many, however with expensive repair bills, complex payroll paperwork, operating yearly costs of USD 4.75 million for a 180 ft. yacht – representing around 10% of the original cost of the yacht – extremely high-net-worth persons find it more advantageous to rent a yacht instead of buying one, which represents the latest trend in yacting.

Key points about the charter market in Dubai

A recent study issued by the research firm Future Market Insights revealed that the charter market is projected to increase quite consistently until 2020, the latest trend in yachting continuing to grow in the following years, as well. The report showed that this increase will be mainly because of the greater demand for yacht charters, combined with bigger available income of consumers and a more varied choice when it comes to yacht charter destinations. 

A week on a superyacht can lead to costs of around USD 115,500 to USD 190,000, while the approximate buying price exceeds USD 10 million. Extremely high-net-worth persons who decide to purchase a yacht actually charter it afterwards in order to compensate for the expensive maintenance costs, which explains why many prefer to rent a yacht in Dubai instead of buying one.

Benefits of a yacht charter in Dubai

Here are a few of the main benefits of a yacht charter in Dubai:

•    You can enjoy a great holiday uniquely planned especially for you;
•    The service is customized to your own needs and desires;
•    We help you select the most appropriate luxury yacht;
•    There are different options to suit all budgets;
•    You can participate in a wide range of activities in your own privacy;
•    Great itinerary in the Arabian Gulf.

When you rent a yacht in Dubai, you can have the chance to enjoy an once in a lifetime holiday or event customized to your particular needs, without having to share your space with other unknown persons. To make a reservation for one of our yachts for rent in Dubai, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.