How to Get the Best Value for a Holiday in Dubai

Updated on Monday 27th November 2017

How to Get the Best Value for a Holiday in Dubai Image
Our yacht charter representatives in Dubai spend many hours inspecting the yachts from our fleet, interviewing the crews and, in general, analyzing various yachts for different customers with various requests. In this article, we explain how to get the best value for a holiday in Dubai with our yacht charter.

High season or low season in Dubai?

One of the aspects which influence the final price of a yacht for rent in Dubai is whether it is being booked during the high or the low season.

Commonly, there are two main rates: the high season and the low one, generally with certain dates set for every season.

Additionally, there are special events which, if desired to be spent onboard, are more costly, such as the New Year’s Eve, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the Dubai International Boat Show.

An important factor to consider in order to get the best value for a holiday with us in Dubai is to attentively select your timing. Only a one week difference, from the high season to the low one, can reflect a vast difference in terms of the final price, while still enjoying the same weather conditions.

How can a yacht charter in Dubai provide the best value in travel?

A yacht charter in Dubai confers a fantastic value for a holiday. We are firm believers in the fact that a charter offers the most value for any holiday.

That is due to the fact that a yacht for rent in Dubai or a luxury catamaran offers you all the facilities of a luxury hotel room or villa which actually moves to the locations that you want to visit and explore.

In such a holiday, you get to enjoy the ultimate privacy and freedom. Besides, you will not be charged for daily conveniences like resort fees, water skiing, wind surfers or travels from one location of choice. You just sail to them!

Overall, when you actually analyze the final costs of a yacht for rent in Dubai, you will most probably discover that such a holiday is less expensive than a land-based vacation. 

If you would like to ask more questions about the Dubai yacht charter pricing, or if you would like to book one of our luxury vessels, please contact our friendly yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

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