How to Charter with Seasick?

Updated on Friday 23rd September 2016

How to Charter with Seasick? Image
Whether you are a first timer or a person who has been on a yacht charter in Dubai numerous times, seasickness can be a serious condition which could affect your cruise, turning it into a real nightmare. So, how to charter with seasick? Here are a few guidelines which should turn your experience into a most pleasurable one.

Pharmaceutical medicines

Over-the-counter medicines for seasickness like Dramamine (dimenhydrinate), Bonine (meclizine) or Sturgeron (cinnarizine) can help, although they could lead to drowsiness. 

In case you receive a prescription, the Transderm Scop patch (scopolamine) can provide a good remedy for seasickness on a yacht charter in Dubai. It comes as patches which are placed behind the ear, the medication being released in time into your body through the skin. A patch lasts for several days. It is a good alternative to pills which have to be taken every couple of hours.

Dos and Don’ts about seasickness before the trip in Dubai

When it comes to how to charter with seasickness, there are certain do’s and don’ts which are good to be known before getting onboard, such as:

•    Sleep well at night: if you are tired, you are more likely to be more sensitive to seasickness on a yacht charter in Dubai. In the same time, the condition can be aroused by anxiety and stress. Stay positive and expect the best from your trip on a yacht for rent in Dubai!
•    Hydrate properly: one or a couple of days before getting onboard, make sure you drink plenty of water to hydrate appropriately. Refrain from drinking alcohol the night before the journey, it is a well-known fact that hang overs increase the symptoms of seasickness on a yacht for rent in Dubai;
•    Eat light: Before getting onboard, it helps to have a small meal, if possible something easily digestible. Try protein-rich foods like meat, fish, beans, eggs or peanut butter;
•    While onboard: make sure you drink plenty of water. Remember to take with you a jacket or something warm to wear, as feeling cold or sitting in a draft can trigger seasickness.

While onboard, our experienced crew can provide more insights on what to do in order to avoid this condition and how to charter with seasick. It is an aspect which can be managed, so that you enjoy a memorable experience when you rent a yacht in Dubai without any unpleasant aspects. Please do get in touch with us to book your luxury yacht cruise in Dubai.