How a Yacht Charter Works

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

How a Yacht Charter Works Image
Yacht chartering represents the activity of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and cruising to different coastal and island destinations. This is generally a holiday activity, however, it can be done for a personal or corporate event. In this article, our yacht charter executives in Dubai explain how a yacht charter works.

Types of yacht charter

There are three main types of yacht charter:
Bareboat: it involves an individual renting a vessel or a cabin and skippering it by himself or herself in case renting the entire yacht;
Crewed: the yacht comes with a crew. These types of vessels can range anywhere from a 35-ft boat with a team of two persons serving as captain and chef, to a 300 ft vessel with a team of 30 or more crew members which might be comprised of stewardesses, engineers, mates, scuba dive instructors and so on.
Skippered charter: it involves to rent a yacht in Dubai with a professional crew of a captain who is responsible for the driving of the yacht. Sometimes, the captain is helped by other crew members, too. Skippered charters are usually utilized for larger vessels, for which a captain with documented special nautical knowledge and experience is needed.

Why rent a crewed yacht in Dubai?

When you rent a crewed yacht in Dubai, your holiday will become the ultimate indulgence. For some it might be lifetime experience, for others, a yearly habit. 
If you are interested in discovering one of the most exclusive regions in the world, secluded beaches, amazing diving spots, remote islands, or if you just want to party in a luxury environment, a private yacht charter in Dubai is an unparalleled way of making all your dreams come into reality.
A luxury yacht charter is a customized holiday, conferring total privacy and control, from the chosen itinerary to the amazing cuisine served by an attentive crew every day.
If you want to get up at sunrise or at midday, or if you are an active person or would just like to unwind in privacy, the discrete and friendly crew will attend all your needs.
If you wish to find out more about how a crewed yacht charter works, or to book one of our luxury yachts, please contact our friendly yacht charter representatives in Dubai.