Famous People Who Own a Luxury Superyacht

Updated on Saturday 15th April 2017

Famous People Who Own a Luxury Superyacht Image
When you rent a yacht in Dubai, you do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy the luxuries available on such a vessel. However, there are many celebrities who love life at sea and own a luxury superyacht. Among them, we mention…

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg, the famous Hollywood film director, owns the Seven Seas superyacht, manufactured by Oceanco. This fabulous superyacht was entirely designed by the Italian designers Nuvolari Lenard. Seven Seas disposes of 86 meters in length and spacious interior living areas. It also has an infinity swimming pool situated on the aft deck, which can become a helipad or an entertainment area. This luxury superyacht owned by a famous person is a dream holiday venue for anyone, wouldn’t you agree? 

J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling, the well-known author of “Harry Potter”, acquired the classic superyacht Amphitrite at the beginning of 2016. This superyacht was previously owned by Johnny Deep, who initially named it after his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children. When the superyacht was renamed, a lot of newspapers said it was a gift for his new wife, Amber Heard. Our yacht charter representatives in Dubai can offer more details on this superyacht.

Tiger Woods

One of the famous people who own a luxury superyacht is Tiger Woods, one of the best golf players in the world who has won numerous golf titles. He owns Privacy, a luxury superyacht since 2004 which can accommodate up to 21 people. It disposes of a gym, multiple jet skis and a theater. This excellent vessel was built by Christensen, having 47 meters in length. Guests onboard can also unwind in the jacuzzi or sky-lounge bar of this superyacht. If you would like to feel like a superstar and live the high life just like Tiger Woods, rent a yacht in Dubai and come on a unique adventure with us!

Giorgio Armani

The internationally recognized fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, owns the Main superyacht. It is, indeed, a suitably stylish vessel, with a length of 65 meters and designed on the outside and inside with Armani’s input. The exterior of this superyacht has a not so commonly seen dark green color, which goes well with the military inspired lines of this vessel. On the interior, there are numerous exquisite features and amenities like a spiral staircase, a gym, guest accommodation for 12 and a spacy cinema. 

For a memorable holiday on a luxurious, one-of-a-kind venue, we invite you to spend your vacation on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Please contact us to make all the necessary arrangements.