Archive - September 2016

Tips for Fishing Trip in Dubai

Tips for Fishing Trip in Dubai image September 25, 2016

Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner of fishing, it is always good to be well prepared before going on a fishing adventure on a yacht for rent in Dubai. Here are a few tips for your fishing trip in Dubai.

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How to Charter with Seasick?

How to Charter with Seasick? image September 23, 2016

Whether you are a first timer or a person who has been on a yacht charter in Dubai numerous times, seasickness can be a serious condition which could affect your cruise, turning it into a real nightmare. So, how to charter with seasick?

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Why Charter with Us?

Why Charter with Us? image September 17, 2016

Whether you want to sunbathe under the clear blue Dubai sky, enjoy the numerous activities onboard on and under water, have a cosmopolitan lifestyle or just unwind, a yacht charter in Dubai will best suit your needs through unparalleled services and wide variety of luxury yachts available.

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Latest Trend in Yachting

Latest Trend in Yachting image September 13, 2016

According to the latest reports, the latest trend in yachting is chartering, instead of buying. Extremely high-net-worth persons, characterized by having a minimum net worth of USD 30 million, resorted to 21% more yacht charters in 2015 compared to the previous year.

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Wine and Dine on the Dubai Coastline

Wine and Dine on the Dubai Coastline image September 3, 2016

With numerous holiday attractions and a wide range of choices, why not visit some of the most interesting and reputable locations on the Dubai coastline before getting onboard on one of our yachts for rent in Dubai?

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