7 of the Best Beaches in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

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While on a yacht charter in Dubai, you can enjoy the sun, swim and do other fun under on-water activities like surfing on the golden sand beaches which are located here. Here are seven best beaches in Dubai which can be visited all year long.

1.    Club Joumana

Located only 15 minutes from the Dubai Marina, Club Joumana at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa entails a long beach and beautiful gardens, being a tranquil venue even during the busiest days.

The beach has three pools, however, its main attraction is the new Watercooled watersport hut. Here, one can try the Zapcat ride or a more unwinding paddleboarding session. 

There is also a nice beach bar and restaurant where you can have a great lunch, and the dink offers are quite attractive!

2.    The Kite beach in Dubai

Rent a yacht in Dubai and visit the Kite beach in Dubai! It is the sportiest beach of the city, extremely popular for the kite surfers.

Here, more active visitors can play volleyball or try paddleboarding, as well as kayaking. There are numerous on-shore activities here too, such as the newly opened Skate Park, the toddler-ideal park and the outdoor trampoline.

3.    Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence is located near the Jumeirah Beach Resort and has a free entrance. It is one of the best beaches in Dubai, extremely popular, with clean facilities and green patches where visitors can gather, play sports and unwind.

4.    The Hidden Beach

This charming beach is found on the left side of Sheraton JBR. It is the perfect place for docking the yacht for rent in Dubai and taking a quick swim or unwind without too many people around.

5.    Dubai Marina Beach Resort & Spa

This unique beach is located in Jumeirah 1 and has a comfortable village atmosphere, being ideal for retired couples and families. There are two bars where great drinks are served for the thirsty ones! 

The Dubai Marine Beach has three pools, a tennis court, a gym, spa, children’s play area and table tennis, as well as beach and poolside bars.

6.    Jumeirah Open Beach in Dubai

Formerly known as the Russian Beach, it is a free beach and it is found at the opposite end to the Burj Al Arab.

The cafes and restaurants from the Beach Road are quite close, and it has appropriate toilets and showers. There is a jogging track along this nice beach where you can jog, skate, cycle or just people watch!

7.    Black Palace Beach

The Black Palace Beach or the Palace Beach is found near the royal fortress of Dubai, offering calm waters and amazing sunsets, as well as the fantastic views of Palm Jumeirah.

For more top beaches in Dubai, or if you would like to rent a yacht with us, please get in touch with our yacht charter executives in Dubai

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