6 Reasons to Visit Dubai on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Updated on Thursday 18th May 2017

6 Reasons to Visit Dubai on a Luxury Yacht Charter Image

Home to desert plains that offer luxurious choices, skylines built with futuristic architectural designs and palm tree-shaped artificial islands on the coastline, Dubai is definitely a place to visit on a yacht charter. Here are six reasons to visit Dubai on our luxury yacht charter.

1.    Fantastic weather in Dubai

The temperatures here fall considerably from a maximum of approximately 45 degrees Celsius in July. Therefore, it is now the ideal time for a yacht charter holiday in Dubai in the Arabian Sea, with warm days and cooler evenings. 

The winter here is also the time when the emirate takes part in traditional events which are worth visiting, such as weekend evening meetings at heritage villages to dance the popular Khaleeji folk dances from the Arabian Peninsula or to recite poetry.

2.    Great food

Being at the crossroads of different cultures, Dubai offers a wide variety of foods, which is an important reason to visit Dubai on a luxury yacht charter. The emirate is definitely the place to be in for visitors who love food. 

The varied population has offered Dubai a wide range of food styles, with establishments offering Arabian, Persian, French, Indian, Chinese or British food. 

Moreover, there are numerous high-end restaurants which are run and owned by famous chefs, with even more of them coming here for business every year.

3.    You get a taste of luxury in Dubai

While on a yacht for rent in Dubai, you can enjoy the luxury and high lifestyle that rich people do. Onboard gyms, massages, a wide variety of on water activities, as well as five-star staff, they will all be there to give you a taste of how it feels to be living on with an extravagant style.

4.    You can participate in great events

If you rent a yacht in Dubai for your holidays, you will be able to participate in great events which are organized in the region, like the Dubai World Cup, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the popular International Dubai Boat Show. 

5.    A marvelous cultural experience in Dubai

Cultural diversity is another great reason to visit Dubai.

In Dubai, there are 200 different nationalities who reside in Dubai, turning the city into a multicultural and cosmopolitan hub. 

Most of the expats who are living here are fist-generation and they carry with them various cultural traditions, turning the emirate into an amazingly diverse one.

This way, you can have the chance to get an insight of various cultures and beliefs.

6.    Great beaches

The waters in Dubai are warm and the sand is incredibly golden and fine. Beaches here are very safe, even during the nights. 

If you would like to spend your holidays on a luxury yacht for rent in Dubai, or need to know more reasons to visit Dubai on a yacht charter, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly representatives.

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