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The White Rabbit Golf, the World’s Largest Tri-hulled Yacht

August 25, 2018

Luxury yacht charters have become quite ordinary for people going on vacations in Dubai. From small to medium-sized yachts, tourists seek to rent vessels with top amenities and facilities. There are also those who prefer to rent large yachts and we have some good news for them: Echo Yachts has just announced the launch of the largest tri-hulled yacht in the world, the White Rabbit Golf.

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To Cruise or to Sail?

April 3, 2018

Often, our yacht charter representatives in Dubai are asked by our clients to advise them on the type of vessel they should rent. Well, that very much depends on whether you want to sail, or to cruise.

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Must-Have Tools for a Bareboat Charter

March 17, 2018

Bareboat chartering is increasing in popularity nowadays. It is important, though, to be aware that you must be prepared for all situations when going on such an adventure. Here are the most important must-have tools for a bareboat charter recommended by our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.

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Basic Details about Renting a Yacht in Dubai

February 18, 2018

yacht charter in Dubai is the procedure of renting a sailboat or a vessel and traveling in different places in the Arabian Gulf, which is mostly a holiday activity or a corporate event. We are aware that, for newcomers, when you rent a yacht in Dubai, the specific vocabulary and procedures might seem a bit confusing and intimidating at the beginning. 

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Green Chartering in Dubai

February 12, 2018

Even though it is great to be on the splendiferous waters while you rent a yacht in Dubai, reducing the carbon emissions and preserving the environment are equally important to help preserve a healthy Mother Earth.

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The Ultimate Sailing Experience: a Sailing Regatta

January 10, 2018

Nowadays, families and groups who decide to rent a yacht in Dubai have the chance to win not only memories and photos. They can also win trophies when they charter a sailing yacht here for some of the most interesting superyacht regattas in the entire world.

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Yacht for Rent vs. Hotel Holiday

December 18, 2017

When on a yacht for rent in Dubai from our fleet, you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, in an ever-changing scenery of your choice, surrounded by complete privacy and being served some of the most delicious foods made by your own personal chef.

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How to Get the Best Value for a Holiday in Dubai

How to Get the Best Value for a Holiday in Dubai image November 27, 2017

Our yacht charter representatives in Dubai spend many hours inspecting the yachts from our fleet, interviewing the crews and, in general, analyzing various yachts for different customers with various requests. In this article, we explain how to get the best value for a holiday in Dubai with our yacht charter.

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The Evolution of the Yacht

The Evolution of the Yacht image November 27, 2017

yacht is a recreational vessel. The term has its origins from the Dutch word “ jacht ”, meaning “hunt”, and it was initially defined as a light fast sailing ship utilized by the Dutch authorities to follow pirates.

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The Glamour on a Yacht Charter in Dubai

The Glamour on a Yacht Charter in Dubai image November 23, 2017

yacht for rent in Dubai also confers an exciting adventure of glamour, where you can experience the finest of the luxury travel, from champagne spray parties in Dubai to romantic afternoons in the charming surroundings of the Arabian Gulf.

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How to Attain the Ultimate Freedom and Privacy on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

How to Attain the Ultimate Freedom and Privacy on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai image November 20, 2017

No matter whether you are dreaming of visiting the amazing tourist destinations in the Arabian Gulf, being spoilt by the numerous amenities onboard, exploring unique beaches or having fun in an unforgettable family holiday, our luxury yacht charter in Dubai is able to fulfill your desire.

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The Sherakhan Major Refit

The Sherakhan Major Refit image November 17, 2017

ICON Yachts, the famous Dutch shipbuilding company, has made public the fact that it has been assigned to refit the Sherakhan superyacht. The refit is effectuated under the supervision of Verkerk Yachting Projects, which owns the vessel.

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Yacht Charter Types

Yacht Charter Types image October 24, 2017

Yacht chartering is generally the term utilized for renting a vessel which needs professional attention. Large yachts and sailboats often need chartering, but there are three various types of yacht charters: bareboat, cabin and  crewed.

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How a Yacht Charter Works

How a Yacht Charter Works image October 24, 2017

Yacht chartering represents the activity of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and cruising to different coastal and island destinations. This is generally a holiday activity, however, it can be done for a personal or corporate event.

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Holiday Ideas in Dubai

Holiday Ideas in Dubai image October 24, 2017

Every year, travelers from all over the world come to enjoy the fantastic city and get away from their everyday lives just to relax and enjoy the great foods, exclusive shopping and amazing weather in Dubai. Our yacht charter executives in Dubai present you with a few holiday ideas in Dubai

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How to Choose the Most Appropriate Yacht for Your Needs

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Yacht for Your Needs image October 24, 2017

When planning to go on a yacht charter holiday in Dubai, it is crucial to select the right vessel for your needs. Our executives will have a thorough initial conversation with you so that they fully understand your requirements,  needs  and preferences, and they will help you choose the right vessel so that you have a wonderful time onboard.

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The Best Time to Rent a Yacht in Dubai

The Best Time to Rent a Yacht in Dubai image September 21, 2017

yacht charter in Dubai is an extremely popular activity in the region, with fantastic views and great weather all year round. In this article, we present you a few interesting facts related to the best time to rent a yacht in Dubai.

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About Sailing in Dubai

About Sailing in Dubai image September 21, 2017

Sailing is an extremely popular activity which is similar to a yacht charter in Dubai ,  because you have the chance to enjoy a great weather while exploring the amazing coast of Dubai.

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A Brief Guide on Yacht Charter Terminology

A Brief Guide on Yacht Charter Terminology image September 21, 2017

Sometimes, getting on a yacht for rent in Dubai may be confusing because of the vocabulary used by the crew and the persons who have done this before. Here is a brief guide on the yacht charter terminology.

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Racer or Cruiser?

Racer or Cruiser? image August 10, 2017

In the world of sailing, cruising refers to a lifestyle which means living onboard a yacht for rent in Dubai for longer periods of time while traveling from one place to another for pleasure purposes.

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Top 5 Accessories to Bring on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Top 5 Accessories to Bring on a Luxury Yacht Charter image August 10, 2017

No matter what your destination is, a yacht charter in Dubai represents the ultimate adventure for the ones who love luxury and glamour. 
When on such an experience, it is important to know what to bring along.

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Yachts Designed by Car Brands

Yachts Designed by Car Brands image July 5, 2017

Car manufacturers nowadays have evolved. They got involved in different industries, mainly aviation and yacht manufacturing, with outstanding results. As follows, our yacht charter in Dubai presents you with a few yachts designed by car brands.

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Glamorous Shopping in Dubai

Glamorous Shopping in Dubai image July 4, 2017

Dubai is definitely the most popular shopping destination in the Middle East and one of the most renowned in the world. While on a yacht charter in Dubai, you can enjoy some glamorous shopping in Dubai, where you can find luxury goods with low duty fees and no sales tax. 

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5 Days on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

5 Days on a Yacht for Rent in Dubai image May 30, 2017

Whether you have decided to rent a yacht in Dubai for a five-day getaway with your friends or your loved one, the Arabian Gulf is the perfect location which will allow you to recharge your energy, relax and live like a superstar, surrendered by luxury and comfort.

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7 of the Best Beaches in Dubai

7 of the Best Beaches in Dubai image May 30, 2017

While on a yacht charter in Dubai, you can enjoy the sun, swim and do other fun under on-water activities like surfing on the golden sand beaches which are located here. Here are seven best beaches in Dubai which can be visited all year long.

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