7 Tips for Throwing a Dubai Yacht Party

Updated on Saturday 22nd April 2017

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7 Tips for Throwing a Dubai Yacht Party Image
Want to spend an unforgettable time with your friends? Why not throw a yacht party in Dubai? A yacht party is a great way of entertaining your friends and are very much in vogue. To plan your event, we put together 7 tips for throwing a Dubai yacht party.

1.    Establish your budget for your Dubai yacht party

Having a party on a yacht for rent in Dubai opens the doors to limitless possibilities in terms of drinks, food and entertainment. However, it is always good to know what your budget is so that you can be aware of what you are able to enjoy. Our yacht charter in Dubai offers different packages and amenities for each type of budget.

2.    Jot down the guest list

A party thrown on a yacht in Dubai is very much dependable on the capacity of the vessel and the local rules and regulations. Therefore, it is important to know in advance how many guests you are planning on having, so that we know which luxury yacht to offer you.

3.    Choose a theme for your yacht party in Dubai

When you rent a yacht in Dubai for your party, it is so fun to add a theme to it. Think about the type of party what you want to have and choose a theme for it, like decade, Broadway, casino/poker, tropical or nautical and so on.

4.    Select a menu

Hosting a party with our yacht charter in Dubai will enable you to have your own personal chef who will discuss with you your options regarding the menu that will be served onboard, so that you have the perfect yacht party. Here, too, you can choose from a wide variety of menus, such as sushi, platters, seafood and more. 

5.    Hire a DJ

Another tip for throwing the perfect Dubai yacht party is to hire your own DJ onboard. He or she will be made aware of your favorite music styles and songs so that you and your friends can have a fantastic time on the dance floor.

6.    Enjoy the natural décor of Dubai

As soon as you step onboard one of our yachts, you and your friends can relax knowing that our attentive crew and staff are there to make you feel safe, comfortable and to take care of all the details of your Dubai yacht party. All you have to do is enjoy the time spent together surrounded by the splendid natural décor of the Dubai coastline.

7.    Have fun!

Throwing a Dubai yacht party enables you to unwind, socialize with your friends and have a great time while sailing along the Dubai marina and the Arabian Gulf in perfect safety and comfort. Besides, you will not have any cleaning to do the following day!

To organize a fantastic Dubai yacht party, please get in touch with our yacht charter representatives in Dubai.